Enormity of Prayer

Main Handout (Resources and Written Prayer Example)

Here is the PDF for the handout that will be given to everyone:

Resources and Written Prayer Example.pdf

Example Email Prayer with YouVersion image

Email Prayer with YouVersion Image.pdf

Updated photo verse

Updated with darker text… see if it looks better printed.

40 Blessings PDF update

Here are the updated PDF documents

40 Blessings for HER.pdf

40 Blessings for HIM.pdf

Shiny Cover Books

Made at Grimm Book Bindery

This is not a project. It is a way of life!

This is how to introduce it

JPG image of 40 Words (no name)

Here is a JPG taken from the PDF:

40 Words (name removed)

Here is a one page summary of 40 daily prayers!

40 words (name removed).pdf

Wordle Example

Wordle – book cover for 700 prayers

700 Prayers Cover Art (name removed)

Here is the result of dumping all the words from 700 prayers for one person into a program that counts the words and then creates art with the words that occur the most displayed the largest!