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Here are links to the full handouts I plan on having available at my talk plus links to print-ables of other related items for my talk. I also am planning on passing around a couple small booklets as well as a couple bound books – all from my past printed prayers. Also available are pages containing the scriptures that I will reference so thatthey won’t need to be projected on a screen and I won’t need to read them all (since I only have 20 minutes for everything). This also gives you an easy way to check my references to confirm that I am using them properly.

Here are the handouts and print-able pages:

> Main Handout (given to each person): Resources AND Written Prayer Example (PDF)

> Doubting Thomas & Show Me Phillip AND Put It In Writing (PDF)

> How Do You Pray? (PDF)

> Getting Started – Imitate (PDF)

> 40 Blessings books: For Him and For Her (PDF)

> Example EMail Prayer with YouVersion image (PDF)