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40 Blessings

I am including a set of 40 prayers that I have prayed in the past, but I have removed the name of the person that I was praying for. The format of these prayers was different than my usual prayers in that I started with a blessing and then I began my prayer! If you are looking for a way to start praying for someone, perhaps you might consider starting by just blessing them day after day! The prayers here are based on 40 blessings taken directly from scriptures, so of course you can use those scriptures for your own prayers.  If anything in my prayers seems useful, feel free to utilize it as well if you wish (scriptures tell us it is quite OK to imitate each other in good ways … click=> Imitate). However, if you do utilize any of these blessings, make sure to personalize them by blessing the person you are praying for BY NAME!

These 40 blessings are grouped together into one document as a booklet (note that the scripture quoted inside each prayer is from the King James Version because that is the translation that the person I was praying for used):

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